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Top 10 Things to do To ENJOY Your Time Off

You can live in any area and still follow and/or appreciate this article written by Joni Staples, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate in Riverside, TX.

It is said that taking time away from work will help your mental state and increase productivity when you get back (Not sure where that info came from) but being able to let go if of your responsibilities once you are on a vacation is  much harder to do than you might think.

Below, Joni offers some really great tips and advice on how to enjoy your time off and  a few things you can do prior to your departure that just might help!! Thanks Joni!!

Top 10 Things to do to Enjoy Your Time Off.

A weekend at Matagorda, TX

10. Recognize that just because you are enjoying time off, does not mean that you are abandoning your responsibilities.  If an emergency comes up, you can still take care of it -- or better yet -- delegate it to someone who can. Even doctors take time off. They have a trusted colleague who is on call for them.

9. Prepare for your time off by tying up all loose ends and leaving detailed information for your trusted colleague who will be taking care of things for you while you are away.


Quick trip to Eureka S[rings for the Passion Play8. If you are taking multiple days off, prepare your clients by letting them in on the vacation plans. They will be excited for you once you show them how you have tied up all of the lose ends, and provided them with the same detailed list of information that you have given the trusted colleague.  This shows them how important they are to you and assures them that your colleague is prepared to help them at any given time.

7. Inform friends, family, and clients to contact your trusted colleague in case of emergency. Assure them that your trusted colleague is the FASTEST way to contact you in case of an emergency.  

Shot at the Great Sand Dunes6. Know the difference between an emergency and a concern.  The scheduled closing for today is not going to close because you, the listing agent who is in North Carolina on vacation, did not sign the last page of the sales contract.  THAT is an emergency! Docusign it to me and I can sign it on my cell phone!  

5. Schedule “needs and wants” for when you return. Just because your seller has changed the color of the hand towel in the half bath, DOES NOT MEAN that you have to leave the spa in the middle of your massage to go and take a new picture of the “remodeled” half bath. WHY were you answering your phone during the massage in the first place?! Hello!!

Taken at a Family Reunion in Rowlette, Texas4. Get over your fear that someone might think less of you for taking time off. The opposite could be true. People may wonder why you can not manage your time well enough to take even a day off. If you can’t manage your own time, how will you manage the time it will take to find someone a home or to get one sold? OR BOTH! (Oh my!)   

3. If you will be away for multiple days and will only be checking emails from your trusted colleague, set up an auto response for your email account(s) explaining that you will be away from email until a specific date and that, if it is an emergency, the fastest way to contact you would be to call (you guessed it) your trusted  colleague.

Genesis 2:32.  Get off of the pedestal. Recognize that you are not more important than, attorneys, bakers,  CPA’s, dishwashers, ditch diggers, doctors, firefighters, golf pros, nurses, pilots, police officers, professors, WalMart greeters, xylophone players, zoo keepers, or any other person. Every profession allows for time off.

1. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT!

Because YOU CAN!

You are blessed!


Enjoy your time off!

Top 10 Things to do to Enjoy Your Time Off.

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Top 10 Things to do To ENJOY Your Time Off
You can live in any area and still follow and/or appreciate this article written by Joni Staples, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate in Riverside, TX. It is said that taking time away from work will help your mental state and increase… more
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